The Hartts in 2008  
or. . .
    The Continuing Adventures of Jake and
Katrina with new addition, Ella!

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    Ella Katrina Hartt    
Born June 11th, 2008

Closeup of our calm sweetie

Suddenly, Denelle is 20 again!

Jake adoring his new sister

"Look how pretty she is!"

"I'm up now! It's playtime!"

    Ella is a born charmer    

Ella at 1 month

Ella at 2 months

Ella at 3 months

Ella at 4 months

Ella at 5 months

Ella at 6 months

I love my Big Bird!

Messy but happy!

Happy girl!

"Yes, I think it is time
for my EVIL PLAN!"

"Yes, I love this, muchisimo!

Sleeping in her own dream world

"And here's my spooky look!"

"Come closer. I have a secret to tell you!"

"These shiny things are mine, right?"
Two Snoozers

Happy Toe Time!

"Time for my closeup!"

Like sleeping in the clouds

    Katrina having fun    

Our beaming beauty

"I can't see the other one!"

Only weeks intil she asks
for the car keys!

Making Gingerbread Men

"Of course it's a good time
to jump rope!"

"There is no try"


Snazzy Moves

"I did it!


Katrina loves little animals. . .including snakes and snails

Katrina practicing before Ella arrives

Miss Katrina


Fun carousel ride

Making off with some birthday loot

Always a good photo op when Katrina's here

Our Ballerina

"Throw the ball as far as you can!"

Showing off her doll from fiends in Russia

Hunting for Sticks to
throw in the water

The new style pinata
where each person pulls a ribbon

Emptying Lake Erie. . one bucket at a time. . .

Where should I put this?"

Two Fairy Princesses

    Jake doing his thing!    

"I found one!"

Budding Engineer

Jake made a Flower Garden
for his Mommy.

Jake's 5th Birthday

Looking to the future

Jake practicing before Ella arrives

Can we build it?
Yes, we can!

Dapper Young Man

Always the ladies' man

Jake in the middle of the action!

Jake's First Graduation

Jake with his Kindergarten teacher

    Jake and Katrina    
    taking care of their sister    
It's all about the love, man!

Sharing a smile!

The Hartt Girls, just hanging out

Such a happy and proud big sister!

Jake singing to his sister

"NOONE gets to hold her except for ME!"

"Don't we look alike?"

Forming sibling bonds

    Christmas Family Photos    


Christmas Kiddos

Our Family!

Neck Hugs!

A scene either from a Romance
movie or a horror flick

"My Hero!"

"He won't let me hold
the star by myself"

    Various Kiddo Shots    

Friend Alexa sharing her toys

Playing catch with Cousin Chloe

Horsey rides!

Horsey back rides for everyone!

Making their own lake
next to Lake Erie

Jake and Katrina


Railroad Museum in Golden,
Coloado: Jake loves trains

"How did Jake make this
look so easy?"

Ready to get some candy!

Just hanging out

Niagra Falls with Jake. . .

and Katrina

The family at Niagra Falls

The kids at Niagra Falls

Grandpa Howard gives Katrina a lift

Leaning on her big brother

Getting soaked at the Water Park

The Ladies of the House

    Family Photos    

Hanging out with Bestemore
(Norwegian for Grandma)
in the 90 year old Christening Dress

Bestemore and Uncle Ted

The Connecticut Hartts

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