The Hartts in 2007  
or. . .
    More Fun Adventures with Jake and Katrina!    

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    Might as well start with what    
everyone wants to see

Katrina checks out
Teddy Ernster

Megan gets her turn

Goth Princess says:
"Mine now. All mine.
You can't have him."

Two naps at once!

"Hey! I love babies, too!"

"Everywhere a
snooze, snooze"

"OK, he's cute, too!"

Ever notice how women
glow when a baby is
in their arms?

Proud papa!

  Jake's 4th Birthday Party  
January 12th

Airplane Birthday Cake!

Lots of help opening presents

"Thank you, Hannah!"

"I get a present, too?"

Hold onto that dolly!

(Insert Ninja yell here)

  Visiting our friends the Trujillos  
August in Wichita, KS

"Higher, Jake!"

Letting it all hang out!

Michael Jordan Technique

No cast is slowing
Jake down!

"Respect my authoritah!"

Feeding ducks

"Look at me!
In Daddy's shoes!"

Nothing yummier than

"Can I cut in?"

Storytime with
Auntie Denelle

Best way to have fun
when it's over 100 degrees

"We made mud!"

Chaos Theory

Careful measuring

  Hedrick Exotic Animal Farm  
or, get in touch with baby animals!

Nickerson, Kansas

Little girls and horses
(you'll see this again)

And now for something

Babysitting, camel-style

"He likes me!"

Kiddos instinctively
try to feed the animal
that wants to get away

"Do you have food for me?"

Mommy helps out

"Can you come
down here?"

Yes, Denelle loves

  Visiting Our Families in Phoenix, AZ  

"Look at me!
I'm irrepressable!"

Jake shares a funny story

At Nate and Collette's
house with Aunt Esther
and family

Bestamor is a great place
to cuddle in the mornings

Brita, Ted, and Mocha

At the zoo with Bestamor
(Grandma in Norwegian)

"Why are they in there?"

"Can we keep him?"

Every kid loves tractors

"Jake, watch where
you're driving!"

Dancing helps with
tricky steering

"Big turn!"

A preview of no-hands
driving to come?

  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo  
They're second favorite destination
(behind only Chuck E Cheese)

If she could, Katrina
would stay here all day

Little Miss Photogenic

"I can't watch!"

"Don't let the blue
tounge touch me!"

Not so scared anymore

"I'm not sure about this"


"Just like this, Katrina"

"Hi, Daddy!"

"Choo, choo!"

Riding a zebra, with
Ice Cream, of course

Pooped out

  Summer Outdoor Fun!  

Jake Hartt, Master

"Look at me fishing!"

Hard day at the pier

Fishing = throwing the
bait into the water

When fishing gets boring,
start throwing wood
into the lake

Look out for me!

A bit more cautious this year

"Here I am!"

Maximum Effort yields
Maximum Results

Daddy, why is Jake still
at the bottom?

Always accessorize
when going riding

Look at me go!

Takling the Elementary
School asphalt

Chasing her big brother


"I don't want to go any
higher, Daddy!"

"Higher, Daddy,

Jake's Soccer Team

Persistence - Because
you know that ball
won't roll back to you

"What? This isn't
tackle football?"

Jake's Baseball Team

Jake liked the whole team
concept, especially the
team snacks after each game!

"Here's your special
medal, Jake"

"NOOOO! I don't
want it!"

Taking a ride on Thomas
the Tank Engine in
Golden, Colorado

Kiddos love to be train

  Family visits to Colorado  

Thanksgiving Meal

Grandma Karen and
Grandpa Howard

Jake's ready! Let's start!

Relaxing with Grandpa

Jake loved just hangin'
with Uncle Richard

Jake making his bud
Uncle Richard feel young

"If I could just lick a
little further!"

"Give me a big piece with
lots of icing!"

Carriage Ride!

Little girls and horses

Practicing her Rose
Parade wave!

No fear of Sammy

Yes, this happened alot

We may have an equestrian
in our future

Just being a kid

Forest on our property
in Fulford, Colorado

Jake makes his own trail

"This stick is so cool!"
"I'm so bored"

"What? No cell coverage
in ghost towns?
That sucks!"

  Katrina's 3rd Birthday  
October 18th

Katrina knew for months
that she wanted a Princess
Cake for her Birthday

It's so pretty!

A doll is always
the perfect gift!

Another perfect gift

I've got the best
big brother!

    Spooky stuff and jack-o-lanterns!    

Who could resist
these two?

"I'm Spider-Man!"

World's Cutest Giraffe

Lounging with Thing 2

Weapon of choice

"I can get messy, too!"

"This is my pumpkin!"

"It's done!"

  Winter Outdoor Fun!  

Ready to tackle the
skilift with Daddy

Winter Olympics 2026

Pulling himself back up

Definitely the best part
of the skiing day!

Isn't this what childhood
is all about?

Snow doesn't slow
these two down!

"I'm going to give you
this snowball, Daddy!"

"I have a snowball
for you too, Daddy!"

  Christmas time!  

Pretty . .

as. . .

a princess!

Photos, nothing.
I'm here for the cool toys!

Colorado Hartt Clan
2007 Edition!

A kiss makes it better!

Flying Sweety


  Playtime at home  

Tackle my brother!

Static electricity

"We're done painting, Daddy!
Don't look at the floor!"

Oh, Daddy, I'm SO tired!

Snacktime before bedtime

Dress-up time!

Great extortion material for
when he's a teenager

Jake got some super-fun
cars from our Russian
friend Elena

Of course, he liked
best how they crashed!

It's cold outside. Let's put
our feet into cold water.

Jake loves to build towers

Jake's latest craft project

"Are you sure it's OK to
write on Mommy's cast?"

Dapper little kiddos

Practicing for Baby #3

Jake is a great helper!

Hey, how did Annabelle
get in here?

  Denelle Photos  

Since this summer,
Denelle has worked at

Challenger Learning
leading students through

simulated outer space

For once, she didn't
have to bake the cake!

  Various Jake Photos  

Katrina's toys are
fun, too!

Ready for my closeup!


Our big boy gave his
babysitter a goodbye hug

and a present, showing
Bernie how he made this
stepping stone for her to
always remember him

The joy of caramel

"See? I can eat just the

Jake's first teacher
at pre-school

Handsome young man

Demon posession toy,

One dapper dude

Planes are always a big hit

Jake shows how he
fills Daddy's shoes!

Photogenic guy!

Trying out the trampoline,
cleverly disguised as a couch

  Various Katrina Photos  

So huggable!

Katrina reads
"Deathly Hallows"
to Daddy

"Please don't bother me
until I've had my
morning coffee"

"Whah yay-es, sugah, I
ahm the cutest thang
you done evah saw!"

Helpfully opening presents

"Come here, Daddy!
Let's play makeup!"

Pretty as a postcard

Play-doh ice cream!

"I want that!"

Enjoying a dolly from our
friend Elena in Russia

"How do I attack this cake?"

"Maybe if I go from
the side . . ."

"Yup, that was it!"

Always practice safe Rice
Crispies protocol

Katrina filling Daddy's

"Would you join me
for tea?"

Happy kiddo


Why are all of you out
there in the boring place?

"Lift me up!"

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