2006 with the Hartts!

  Or, the further adventures of Jake and Katrina  

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  Jake's Thomas-Themed 3rd Birthday Party!  
January 20th 

The Joy of Presents

I can use your
birthday toy for flying!

Jake's 3rd Birthday Thomas
Cake (made by Mom)

  Styrofoam is Messy but Quite Photogenic!  
Styrofoam hug
"This is my favorite piece"

". . and it's so yummy!"

"Check out my soul patch, yo!"

And it makes a great hat!


"Itchy stuff! I know!
I'll spread it through
the whole house!"

"Victory is mine!"

A box of styrofoam?
No! A box of fun!

  Our Trip to Phoeinx  
Future F-16 pilot

Uncle Dick and Aunt Lu in Flagstaff

Moms always love babies!

Katrina and Aunt Ester

. . at the Phoenix Zoo!

Visiting Aunt Mary and Uncle Richard
Messy lollipop face

Katrina is happy to make the flowers look prettier

Jake building a wall in a restaurant's landscaping
Katrina with great-grandma Shafer

  Easter Egg Hunt  

Katrina busy at work

OK, Mom, you can help

Jake takes the Easter
Egg Hunt very seriously.
. .one pail for each type of egg

  Jake's "I Did It" Party Celebration (potty trained)  

Jake Did It Party!

Jake's Big Boy Party
cake (made by Mom)

  Camping on Our Property in Fulford, Colorado  
July 1st

Kids can get messy
in the mountains!

Katrina searching for rocks

Jake in the wilderness

Feeding the fish
. . . with rocks!

Our property in Fulford
Our street

Mountain views
Main Street in
Fulford, Colorado

  Katrina's Doggie-Themed 2nd Birthday Party!  
October 16th 

Katrina's 2nd Birthday
Doggie Cake made
by Mom

Jake makes plans. . .

Katrina's Doggie Cake
is a big hit!

Moms always love babies!

  Studio Photos with Katrina  

Even her feet are cute!

I'm feeling shy now

Do you like me?

Smiles for you!

Sitting daintily

All girl

Closeup hug!

Halloween party!

Halloween Party food

Ready for Halloween!

  Christmas Studio Photos  

  Dad and Jake   

Getting ready . . .

. . .and Dance!

Mom and Katrina

Katrina kisses Jake

  Family Photo   

Sweetie for X-Mas
Family Photo 2

Jake kissing Katrina

  Christmas Time!  
Let me help you
read, Mommy!
Jake's cute PJs from
Uncle Steve's Family

These cookies are history
Books are always
good presents!
"I'm Saint Nick
this year!"

Happy to see Santa

Katrina's baby dolls
now can sleep peacefully!

Helping break/make
X-Mas cookies

Thomas set from Uncle Steve's
family. Think he likes it?
All dressed up for
X-Mas Eve dinner

  The Perfect Team. . . . Sometimes  

Our budding artists
Collaborating . . .
for once . . .

Do not disturb the artiste!
Best buds

The kiddos love to go
for a plane ride thanks
to Daddy's muscles!
Jake and Katrina Playing

Brotherly love

  Visiting with Friends  

Katrina and Brian
at the circus
Jake and Austin
and Denelle

Katrina and Austin

Colette and Austin

Katrina and Juyoun Choi
The Gang

Grandma Kathy and Katrina
Janet visiting

Meeting the Chois in Downtown Denver
Brian, Katrina,
and a happy dog

Chaos 3 seconds later

"Wow! It's a baloon!"

Mommys always
love holding babies

  Playtime Outside!  

"Sand is messy, daddy!"

Katrina is our climber


Just hanging out in the
breezy sunshine

All boys agree that cars are cool

Katrina loves snow. . . until it gets too cold

Kicking back with her brew!
Jake making a snowball
Jake's Snowman

Big Bad Jake

Budding mad scientist

Plane ride at Elitch Gardens

We're going on a boat ride!
Look out world!

We sold Denelle's
Yellow Bug this year.
Jake still asks about it.
Train Engineers

Going to see Thomas!

  Playtime Inside!  
Air Traffic Controller in training
Katrina and her Giraffe rocker

Jake is very proud of his giraffe-like animal creation

Racheal-Ray and Emeril love to help in the kitchen!

Katrina on her throne
Group artwork is
always the best
Horsey ride!
Happy Brother
and Sister
Mom has some big
slippers to fill!

A happy place

Didn't make to bed
before she crashed

Jake crashed in
Mommy and Daddy's bed

Cute in her
ponytails and nightgown

Reading books before
bedtime is a favorite
social activity

Katrina's pink bed with
pink pillows in her pink room.
Daddy is my pack mule!

Always a good time for a

  Various Katrina Shots  

Pretty flowers for Mommy!

Katrina and dolly

I know I am cute. .
. and now you do too!
Happy little girl

Fashion conscious cutie
Go Broncos!!

Daddy has a full lap
I like my robe!