Ella Kristine Hartt
Born June 11th, 2008
7 lbs. 7 oz., 20 inches long

At the Hospital

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Babies make Moms look radiant and youthful!

Yep. She's laid back, alright.

Time for my closeup!

"Well, you guys are boring. I know what I'm doing next."

Jake meets his baby sister . . .

. . . and unprompted, starts singing to her.

Taking care of Ella is such hard work!

I think Katrina likes being an older sister

Both kids helped make t-shirts to welcome baby Ella

Jake shows Ella her photo on his shirt

"Proud Big Sister"

Take Home Outfit!

Ella has this . . .

. . . universal affect on women; . . .

. . they just have to smile!

At Home

The Womenfolk

"I love taking care of Ella!"

"Noone else gets to hold Ella, ever!"

Jake's turn to talk to Ella
Ella gets Annabelle's lick of approval

Like sleeping on a cloud!

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