Photos of Joe Hartt and
the Prairie Bible Institute,
Three Hills, Alberta CA

Photos and descriptions courtesy Lou Lomheim

Joseph Roy Hartt Photos

Joe's_Flight_Instructor -- Lou Lomheim

Joe Hartt at SPC with Lou and Ardis Lomheim

Picnic time!

Joe Hartt at SPC with Lou and Ardis Lomheim

Joe with two friends -- Joe was the tenor of a quartet at Seattle Pacific

Joe playing Road Hockey at PBI

Joe's string controlled model airplane

Joe with classmates at SPC, 1954

Lou Lomheim's first Solo, 11-6-48

"Joseph and his Norwegian Bride, Brita. Dec. 1962

Ens. Joe Hartt as the Student of The Week

Student of the Week at NAAS Saufley Field (near Pensacola, FL), 1959

Prairie Bible Institute Photos

1947 PBI High School Bldg, boy's dorm

PBI Teachers, Sep 1956

Student Musical Production, 1956

Electrical Shop. Joe's dad D.R. Hartt is in the center and ran the shop. He was a great teacher and encouraged students to figure things out on their own.

Ladies were expected to help out by working in the Laundry Dept.

PBI Lady students ironing

Men were expected to help by working in the kitchen (here making bread dough). The head chef was a former Army chef and ran a tight operation.

Digging a trench for sewer lines -- A welcome addition

Farm near PBI where much of the staples were grown/raised

Male students helped on the farm also. Many were city boys that didn't know a milker from a cow.
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